ReGenerative Hybrid Unit

ReGenerative Hybrid Operations

ReGenerative Hybrid Technology would ELIMINATE all Diesel Locomotive Pollution within the Central Business District of Chicago

Using Metra's BNSF Commuter Line as an example, RGH Services would operate thusly (Married Pairs of Metra Diesel Locomotive and RGH Unit) :

Metra BNSF Commuter Trains berthed at Chicago Union Station, the 14th St or Aurora Yards are/will be plugged into HEP Power Ports for train Lighting and HVAC maintenance - this could also Charge the RGH or BC Batteries.

ALL OPERATION in and out of Downtown Chicago would be under the Hybrid System within the boundaries of Cermak Rd, and Western ad Fullerton Aves.

ALL STATION Starts and Stops will be handled by the Hybrid System Charging and Discharging the Capacitors using the RGH and Loco Traction Motor/Generators, so the Diesel would not have to race leaving a station stop.

Charging from the Diesel Generator could be done standing or in motion with the Engine running at idle at most all times (GREATLY reducing wear on the Diesel).

The existing Air Brake System would be used only for berthing in stations or heavy applications (GREATLY reducing wear-and-tear on the Brake System).

ONE OF the MOST Important and Economical benefits of the RGH System is that the TRAINS would be Electrified for a few Hundred Millions of Dollars - 
rather than Electrifying the PHYSICAL PLANT for BILLIONS of Dollars.

If Metra has about 140 Locomotives, then you would need 140 RGH's to Electrify the Metra Commuter Rail System; instead of Catenary and Supports, Substations, and Power Distribution for the ENTIRE Metra Physical Plant.       

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