ReGenerative Hybrid Unit

ReGenerative Hybrid Rail Units

To create, study, and implement ideas on how to reduce or eliminate air pollution from Rail Operations Worldwide.

And to possibly recover and store huge amounts of energy now being lost from a presently untapped source - Downhill Rail.

Two initial types of Rail Units to be created:

ReGenerative Hybrid Units (represented by LU Loco "Sarah Siddons")

  To be Operated Interfaced in Married Pairs with Existing Metra Diesel Locomotives (with Traction Motors modified for Dynamic Braking, and High-Current Connecting Circuits to the Motors and Power Plant).

             The ReGenerative Hybrid Units to be equipped with:

 +  Multiple-Unit Controls and Pass-through

 +  Computer Controller for Power Distribution, Charging, and Charge Maintenance

 +  High-Current Connecting Circuits to Loco Power Plant and Traction Motors 

 +  High-Capacity Batteries

 +  High-Density Fast Capacitors

 +  Traction Motor/Generators

 +  Dynamic Brake Recovery and Storage

 +  Auto Engine Start/Shut Off

 +  Station Starts and Stops on Hybrid System

 +  Loco Power Plant runs mainly at Idle for Hybrid Sys. Recharging

 +  BNSF Service RGH Unit Batteries Charged through HEP Ports in CUS, 14th St., and Aurora Yards.   

 +  NO Diesel Operations within Cermak, Western, Fullerton Central Area Boundary.


Battery Cars (represented by Yellow and Blue LU Tube Units)

To be operated trained with RGH Units to store and release accumulated power from starts and stops.

Most Metra trains could operate with just one RGH Unit paired with a Metra Loco; but long distance freight (and passenger) trains could operate with several RGH and BC Units spaced throughout the consist - to equalize coupler loadings and traction power distribution.

  The Battery Cars to be equipped with:

 +  Multiple-Unit Pass Through

 +  High-Current Connecting Circuits to RGH Units and Diesel Locos.

 +  High-Capacity Batteries

 +  Computer Controller for Charging, and Charge Maintenance



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